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June 2024

Kennelia Mellanson, a graduate student in the lab, had her PhD thesis defense, excellent!

Congratulations, Dr. Mellanson!

January 2024

A great way to kick off the year – we have been awarded another five-year R01 grant by the National Institute of Mental Health to investigate the impact of HIV1 infection, of the antiretroviral drugs used to suppress the virus, and of their combination, on the whole-brain neural circuitry. This will model both the infection (in humanized mice) and the pre-exposure prophylaxis. Surprisingly, very little is known about the effects of HIV1, ARVs, and HIV1/ARVs combination on the brain circuitry. The project will be carried out together with my longtime collaborators Michael Bukrinsky from George Washington University and Alex Koulakov from Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory.  Actively looking for postdocs and students!

November 2023

A nice Xmas present – we received a hefty grant from the newly launched SBU Aging Center to study the effects of prolonged exposure to senolytics on neurogenesis and neural circuity.

October 2023

Shuvaev et al paper on Bayesian+game-theoretic modeling of real-world social behaviors “A normative theory of social conflict” was selected to be presented at #NeurIPS2023

September 2023

Stony Brook University published a press release on our two papers on cognitive flexibility. 

September 2023

Awarded a grant by the National Institute on Aging on the effect of antiretrovirals on cognitive flexibility and neurogenesis in aging and Alzheimer's disease models.

August 2023

Amelchenko et al. paper selected for the Journal of Neuroscience cover

July 2023

Manuscript accepted to Frontiers in Neuroscience:  Amelchenko E., Bezriadnov, D., et al. (2023) Age-related decline in cognitive flexibility is associated with the levels of hippocampal neurogenesis.

June 2023

Manuscript accepted to Journal of Neuroscience:  Amelchenko E., Bezriadnov D., et al. (2023) Cognitive flexibility is selectively impaired by radiation and is associated with differential recruitment of adult-born neurons. Journal of Neuroscience, 2023, 43 (34), 6061-6083.

March 2023

Manuscript deposited to arXiv: Shuvaev S., Amelchenko E. et al. (2023) A normative theory of social conflict. arXiv:2303.04285

March 2023

Aleena Xavier joined the lab.

December 2022

Manuscript accepted to Cells: Itaman, S. et al. Detection of De Novo Dividing Stem Cells In Situ through Double Nucleotide Analogue Labeling. Cells, 2022. 11(24).

June 2022

Manuscript accepted to Nature Cell Biology: Chandrakanthan, V., et al., Mesoderm-derived PDGFRA(+) cells regulate the emergence of hematopoietic stem cells in the dorsal aorta. Nat Cell Biol, 2022. 24(8): p. 1211-1225.

June 2022

R01 grant awarded by National Institute on Aging: Endogenous barcoding to determine complex dynamics of adult neurogenesis in aging and Alzheimer’s disease.

June 2022

Manuscript accepted to Cells: Ivanova, A., et al., Synthetic Thymidine Analog Labeling without Misconceptions. Cells, 2022. 11(12).

February 2022

Manuscript accepted to Fluids and Barriers of the CNS: Xue Y., et al. Sustained glymphatic transport and impaired drainage to the nasal cavity observed in multiciliated cell ciliopathies with hydrocephalus. Fluids Barriers CNS 2022, 19(1):20.

January 2022

Manuscript accepted to Scientific Reports:  Shuvaev S. et al. (2022) Spatiotemporal 3D image registration for mesoscale studies of brain development. Sci Rep, 2022. 12(1): p. 3648.

November 2021

Manuscript deposited to bioRxiv: Hiramoto, T., et al., Transcriptional regulation of neonatal neural stem cells is a determinant of social behavior. bioRxiv, 2021: p.2021.11.12.468452.

October 2021

Manuscript accepted to Histochem Cell Biol: Maltsev, D.I., et al. The bioavailability time of commonly used thymidine analogues after intraperitoneal delivery in mice: labeling kinetics in vivo and clearance from blood serum. Histochem Cell Biol, 2022. 157(2): 239-250.

August 2021

Manuscript deposited to bioRxiv: Tkatchenko, T.V., et al., Critical period for vision-dependent modulation of postnatal retinal neurogenesis. bioRxiv, 2021: p. 2021.08.30.458213.

August 2021

Manuscript deposited to bioRxiv: Chandrakanthan, V., et al., Mesoderm-Derived PDGFRA(+) cells regulate the emergence of hematopoietic stem cells in the dorsal aorta. bioRxiv, 2021: p. 2021.08.08.455592.

May 2021

Manuscript deposited to bioRxiv: Shuvaev, S., et al., Spatiotemporal 3D image registration for mesoscale studies of brain development. bioRxiv, 2021: p. 2021.05.12.443839.

February 2021

Manuscript accepted to Life Sciences Alliance: Mikhailik, A., et al., nNOS regulates ciliated cell polarity, ciliary beat frequency, and directional flow in mouse trachea. Life Sci Alliance, 2021. 4(5).

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